Sunday, December 4, 2011

What happens if I cash a cashiers check at a check cashing company and later the check bouces?

I take a cashiers check to a check cashing company and they cash the check, only taking my id information. later that week if the check were to bounce, who is left reponsible? Does the check cashing company file it on your credit report, or just attempt to collect debt from the person whom cashed the check?|||Cashiers checks don't bounce. They are just as good as cash.|||A cashier's check cannot bounce, but it can come back as counterfeit. And they are NOT as good as cash as another comment suggests.

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|||the only way a "cashiers check" is going to bounce is if its a forgery,otherwise they are just like,if you indeed did cash a forged cashiers check,you are in for a **** load of legal problems,starting with arrest for forgery,passing a counterfeit document,just for starters,not to mention all of the monetary fees they will recoup from you.Passing bad checks is a felony,that means jail time in prison,not county jail with the drunk drivers and short,the check cashing co is coming for YOU to make amends.|||That is correct. You are responsible. They get your driver's license number so that they can find you and serve you with a judgment (if they decide to go that route). I'm sure it all depends on the amount of the check.|||YOU would be responsible because YOU cashed the check. They check ID for a reason.

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