Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do you cash a personal check without a checking account and if the bank they use is in another state?

I have a check from a friend and I need to cash it but I no longer have a checking account and the bank my friend uses is not near where I live. Is there a way to cash it somewhere else? I have tried check cashing places but they only cash payroll checks.|||If you have a friend who uses a bank and will go to their bank with you it's easier. Their checking account is the safety for the bank. If you check bounces they can get it from your friend.

Otherwise, sometimes a bank will cash a check when you don't have an account there, but they charge for it. Just ask, can I get a check cashed here? I'm from out of state. Or out of town.|||ok and what if it's a "personal money order" with your name on it from another state.? I have bank account and asked a teller if he could cash it and he said no. Why can't they call that bank and verify? then people tell me they can't deposit a two party check??? i don't know how to cash this.

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|||If a check cashing place won't even cash it for a fee, I doubt you are going to find anyone to take it. You would have to open a bank account to be able to cash it. Is there a reason you no longer have an account?|||the bank will cash it for a 5 dollar fee

i would open a new free account and cash it on your new account , those fees are crazy high for non customers. maybe time to grow up and balance your money.|||Either open an account, or have your friend send you a money order. Banks are pretty reluctant to cash checks like that, and if they do, the fee is going to be insane.|||Try walmart........or open an account with a bank with the check and withdraw it and close the account when it clears..............|||Call your friend tell him to send you a postal money order. Or open a checking account.

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