Thursday, December 15, 2011

How do I get Online Cash Advance in the form of Credit Card Cash Advance from the service provider?

I am stuck in a problem and need money. I have heard that it is possible to get quick cash advance from the Credit Card Service Provider. I need $2500 cash advance, please let me know about the procedure to follow.|||Ya you can get quick cash from your credit card provider But before getting cash you have to be checked all details and limits which are writes by you credit card provider.|||yes its possible but i dont think you will be able to get that much cash advance

i think the maxiuium is probally around 500 dollars

and if yoiu got the cash advance you will be paying a very high interest on your credit card

bills (its usually somewhere in the 20 to 25% range

not a good idea

but this is what yiou go you can go any bank and ask tell them you want do a cash advance|||hi

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What is the legality surrounding receiving cash or check donations?

I am not a charity, just receiving donations for a site I want to create. I don't think there is any problems with people who willingly send in cash donations. I don't think I have to claim anything like that on my taxes either?|||Unless you are a tax exempt charity (legally-defined) or the donations are really gifts, you must pay taxes on them.

How do go about in cashing check made payable to cash?

I received a check from a friend for money they had owed but they made it payable to cash. Do I cash it like I would any other check that was made payable to me?|||A check made out to cash is "bearer paper" it can be cashed by anyone who holds it. An equivalent bearer check is, "Pay to the order of a happy birthday" written on the front, or, "Pay to the order of Congratulations on graduating." Your check is the same as cash, so to prevent theft while waiting to cash the check, sign the back, "Pay to the order of (your name)". You will then have to produce identification to cash the check as it is now an "order instrument" cashable (or assignable) only by you. You do not have to go to any particular bank, even if your name isn't "cash". As for depositing it to your account, just sign the check (your name) and deposit it as you would any other check"! !|||Yes. That kind of check could be cashed by anyone.

If you can, I suggest taking it to his bank.|||Yeah, you might have to go to their bank. Your corner gas station might not want to take it.|||Your friend has to take it to their bank and cash it. You cannot deposit the check made payable to "Cash" unless your name is Cash.

How long do I have to cash a horse racing ticket at the track?

I purchased a ticket at Tampa Bay downs. The Horse i bet won how long do i have to cash in the ticket before it goes void?|||Under FL pari mutuel law, you must cash the ticket in within one year of the purchase date. Some tracks cease ticket cashing on Dec 31 to close out their books. FL has been going under a lot of racing changes in the pari mutuel laws, so just be safe, cash it before this year ends. But that is the current rule in case you wanted to know.

How much does it cost to cash a foreign check?

I bank with Chase. I am expecting a check from Belgium of about 40 euros. What would Chase charge me to cash this check?|||Ask your bank about it to get the best answer. I've cashed a few checks from England and my bank (BB%26amp;T) will either charge a percentage (like 5%) or a fixed fee of something like $5, depending on which is bigger. 40 euros are worth around $50, so you will probably pay around $50 to cash the check. If you have a LOT on money deposited at the bank, they may cut you some slack on the fee.

This is mostly guessing, however. Ask your bank to be sure.

What is your opinion on cash advances? & is personal cash advance a trustworthy site?

I'm looking to take out a cash advancement here in a few weeks if I get the new job I'm hoping for which would mean I would have to relocate and I don't have the money for that right now. I'm looking to take out a cash advance loan until I get my first check at the new job. What have your experiences with these types of services been, and do you think it's a good idea? Thanks.|||Sorry, but you won't get a cash advance UNTIL you have your first paycheck (if even then) A payday advance is based on what you earn, and you have to have proof of income or your paycheck stub.

Without this, you are DOA.|||The online loan scam is very simple to operate. And all legal.

They charge you an upfront processing fee, application fee, etc.

Some sites you can't find this information, but people give their checking account numbers anyway.

Then you are turned down for the loan due to bad credit or other reason.

They keep the $200 or so fee

Some of these sites never have money to lend in the first place

Be careful ok?|||Are you looking for a payday loan from online lenders? best payday loan companies will give you information about different kind of online payday loan lenders. You can avail cash loans, no fax payday loans, bad credit payday loans, short term payday loans, instant payday loans, cash advance payday loans and many more. For more information please visit.|||No, no, no, no - If you have a credit card you may be able to get a cash advance, you say if you get the new job. It is easier after you have the new job to take out the advance.

What is the difference between a cash payments journal and a debtors ledger?

Also, what is the difference between a cash receipts journal and a creditors ledger?

Thanks.|||A cash receipts and cash payments journal look like this and contain the information illustrated therein:鈥?/a> Receipts Journal鈥?/a> Payments Journal

A debtors ledger (aka AR subsidiary ledger) looks like this:鈥?/a>