Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to cash a check made out to 2 people?

My husband and I just received a check from our previous apartments. On the check it is made out to John Doe AND Jane Doe. I was going to cash it at Bank of America. I know we both have to endorse it, but do we both have to be present at the bank to cash it. He doesn't get out of work until after bank hours, so I was going to have him sign it and then take it on Monday and cash it.

Thank you.|||If, he writes make it payable to Jane Doe at the back of the check and signs it, then the back will honor it. They my ask to confirm you identity with your driver's license or I D card.|||both go and cash it|||All he needs to do is to endorse the check. He doesn't have to be present to cash it.|||If you both sign it, only one of you needs to show up. If you want to hedge your bets, just deposit it.|||If the check is made payable to both of you, the bank has the right to require both of you to be present in order to cash it. Otherwise, he could endorse it, then you could take it into the bank and deposit it into a joint account with both of your names on it. It totally depends on how well your bank knows you and how much the teller who will wait on you insists on sticking to the rules. The Bank of America that I go to tends to be pretty strict about the rules, but you could get away with it without a problem.|||only you need to go!

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