Monday, December 12, 2011

What is the cash flow per 3 months mean in moneybooker?

Moneybooker says, an unactivated moneybooker account has a 1500 Euro cash flow per 3 months and an activated account has a 15000 Euro cash flow per 3 months. I want to know clearly, what is the cash flow? Is it mean that I can't receive any more money if I have received 1500 Euro to my unactivated moneybooker account per 3 months? Is the mean that I only could receive 15000 Euro at an activated moneybooker account?|||Cash flow means the amount of cash coming into or going out of the business or account. Most banks have limits on how much money you may transfer out of your account per day. Many countries have limits on how much money you may transfer out at any time.

It would appear that with Moneybooker there are those limits set which means that in an unactivated account you could transfer a maximum of 1500 Euro during a three month period. So if you transferred 1000 Euro on the 1st January 2008, 200 Euro on the 28th January 2008 then you could only transfer no more than a further 300 Euro up to 31st March 2008. Now from 1st April and up to 27th April you could transfer a further 1000 Euro and still be within their guidelines of not exceeding 1500 Euro in three months.

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