Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

me i have some cash not that much but i make alot of money when i date a girl it aways look like they want to date me for my money and not for me how do i stop this and find some one for me not for my money|||when you first start dating dont try to be the old fashioned type of guy that pays for every thing try going dutch at first then when things start getting to where you can kind of see that she is not in it only for the money then you can start up with paying for dates and things like that. it wouldn't bother me if someone i dated did that at least.|||don't let them know you have money until they've fallen for your personality... then you know they don't like you just for your money|||Don't brag about how much you make or where you work.Than you can see if they want you for you or your money.|||talk about how poor you are, get a cheap camper set it up by a landfill or campsite and bring ur dates back there. if they really like ya they'll come back. or you can ask to borrow $5 for gas cause ur broke and your next check doesn't come till the 1st of the month :) that'll definitly convince them that ur poor|||You probably present yourself as someone who makes good money. If not, how would the gold diggers know to date you??? Maybe you should tone your presentation down a little. Don't show off your finances until you know the girl likes you for you.|||tell them you're poor.

can you please help me answer one of my questions? it may seem silly. i just need to set the record straight for once.|||Next time you go on a date, try doing something inexpensive, like going to the beach or something romantic, but more simple.

And it's probably hard not to tell them because they can tell by the way you dress, and especially the kind of car you have and the way your house looks/is decorated.|||don't tell them you have a lot of money !!

would be a good start!!|||Maybe not flaunting you cash around for everyone to see? Unless you tell a girl you're loaded then they dont know. So dont tell them at first and see if they care. If they ask, they probably care, if they dont ask, you're golden.

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