Thursday, December 15, 2011

How come my foodstamps and cash benefits are not what my budget letter says?

I am on welfare and in my budget letter it says for public assistance(cash) that I would get $250.50 semi-monthly and now I checked today which is the day I get benefits and it only said $109.00

It is me and my son.|||Wow, that seems like a lot. Call your worker and find out what's going on. I only got 109 every two weeks for my daughter and myself, and once my boyfriend moved in it was 190 every two weeks. That's not even close to 500 a month. Our foodstamps for 3 are 426- 10% because my boyfriend temped for 2 days last october and our worker said we didn't need to report it because it was so little money then they wanted that month's foodstamps back. It could also be a partial payment, with full payments to start in two weeks, if you are indeed recieving that much. Again, talk to your worker. Good luck!

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