Monday, December 12, 2011

What is a reasonable cash settlement for hardwood floors gouged during move?

Movers put a 1/4 inch hole into newly refinished hardwood floors. These are pumpkin pine and not off the shelf home depot stuff, original to the house (1900's). Whats a reasonable cash settlement for this, is there a guidline or formula one can use to figure out what is reasonable?|||contact a local handy man / wood worker and see what it would cost to replace it. Here is a flooring store search directory.... find a store near you and ask them who they recommend because most of the time your local store will have their own, really credible contractors, have him or her swing by and take an estimate of the damages... heres the directory... look up a few people, get a few quotes and ask them to cover the damages...If you have solid evidence that this was done by the movers then continue on... just be careful, dont waste the $$$ on lawyers etc.... go directly to the store/company and most likely they will settle out of court (if they are a smart business they would)....|||You need to contact the company who just refinished the flooring and have them give you a written estimate to present. If you are going for cash instead of repair, then cash will be much lower than the repair.|||find a woodworker to estimate the replacement value.

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