Thursday, December 8, 2011

How long does it take to cash a tax return/refund check in my bank account?

I normally cash my paycheck in my account, or actually I only cash paychecks with my account and I get to spend the money directly after. How long would it take a tax return/refund check thing to clear?|||the same as your payroll check they have no concern about it clearing their concern is that it is post to your account.

Note, I agree with number two how ever I did deposit a $74,000 US government check and it was post the very next day. I receive five government checks a month of differing amounts and they have never been not posted the same day or the next business day, so unless it is for a greater amount than $74,000 I wouldn't worry.|||Banks sometimes place holds on very large checks, regardless of the source of the check. They inform you of the fact when you cash the check. Your paycheck and your tax refund should fall well below their automatic hold amount.|||As I know, Federal refund check can be cashed immediately. I think so for State refund but you may ask bank for sure.

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