Monday, December 12, 2011

How can I receive cash from a relative other than using western union?

They've got: checking account, credit card, paypal account and dont want to go do wal mart to do a western union transfer. They would prefer to do it all online.

Needs to be some way to get cash from it. I don't have a checking account.

Can't use the post office takes too long.|||Monday morning you should open a checking account and then they can do direct wire transfers.|||Your life sucks. Too many restrictions. Try being more flexible and wait for a check through the mail. If you hate mail, ask them to send the check by FedEx overnight. Only costs $13.|||well i was going to say a bank to bank transfer which can be done as long as you have a savings account it can be done online as long as you both use the same bank otherwise it can be done if they go to their bank and do it but if they want to do it online i dont have any idea|||Without your having a bank account on this end, there is no way other than through the mail or Western Union. Period.

If you open a checking account, you open up a world of possibilities. You can then open a PayPal account, and they can send money to you with neither of you being charged any fee at all.

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