Monday, December 12, 2011

How long does it take IRS to cash my check if I mailed on April 15th?

I mailed the check on April 15th so I am assuming that it may take longer to cash since a lot of people wait until then. Just wondering if anyone elses has already been cashed if you mailed it at that time as well.|||All I know is, I mailed mine on the 15th also, and as of today, the 25th, it has not cleared my bank. This makes me nervous. I just hope they got it.

P.S. I just called this number - 1-800-829-1040 - and was informed that there's no telling how quickly it will clear, but that I shouldn't be concerned for at least another week. So it sounds like there could be up to a 15-business-day lag there.|||mailed ours 4/15 - check cleared the bank by 4/22

Now if only they'd mail that darn rebate!!!!

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|||My son sent in a check last week and it was cashed already. I'm hoping that is because he sent it in early. Tomorrow is the 15th and that is when I'm sending mine and hope they don't cash it till the end of the month.

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|||This year, I mailed in a check to the IRS at the deadline and it was cashed 7 business days later.

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|||IRS makes daily deposits, the checks are pulled off from the return in the mail room and send to the deposit unit,and the returns are sent to processing department, so hopefully you included your SSN on the check and tax year the money is to be applied to. IF the SSN is missing on your check IRS employees must find a SSN for the name on the check to be applied to the account matching the name on the check.|||Do NOT assume that it will take a long time for them to cash it! They cash them very quickly....usually within 3-4 days of you sending it. One year we waited until the deadline to send our check since we owed too, and they cashed our check within 2 days of me mailing the return....and I ended up bouncing checks since I thought it would be at least a week!

We had to amend our return this year and I had to mail a check in for that, and they cashed the check immediately even though they did not process our amended return until several weeks later. The IRS acts very quickly when it comes to cashing your checks!!! Beware!|||You can expect between 2 and 3 weeks at least.|||Keep in mind how many of these checks the IRS receives. It might take a couple of weeks.|||10 -16 seconds

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