Sunday, December 4, 2011

How much cash would be inside a cash register in a deli?

Before anyone starts getting suspicions and whatnot, this is strictly for a play that my friend and I are writing. I want to make certain everything makes sense with this. So, on average, how much cash would be in a small, deli cash register?|||depends on time of day and customer base a drawer usualy opens with $50 by noon (after lunch) probably $150-$250 if its a busy place $400 or more.|||probably start the day with 100 dollars for change. Then depends on how far in the day we are talking..At some point, they would probably take money out and put in a safe in the back so not too much is in front. a few hunderd dollars probably. 300 or so.|||$185.65

One fifty dollar bill

Four twenty dollar bills

Three ten dollar bills

Five five dollar bills

Two Quarters

Five Pennies

EXACTLY THAT. If it's not that it's not realistic. Trust me bro, 15 years acting experience.

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