Sunday, December 4, 2011

How much cash assistance does the Pennsylvania department of welfare pay a cash recipient each month?

When a person receives welfare cash assistance in Pennsylvania, how much cash do they get each month, or every two weeks? I was told $209 per month, that can't be correct can it, how can anyone possibly survive on that little amount of money?|||It is most likely 500 a month.|||It's $205 monthly for a single person. You will also get $200 in food stamps.

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|||i wish it was 500 a month lol

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|||I know that in MD they only give you 2/3 of what you were making at the last job that you had. I would imangie that PA would be similar. And welfare is not supposed to be enough money for you to survive on, its supposed to be enough to tie you over till you can find a job and make a living.

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