Sunday, December 4, 2011

How can I take cash out of my credit card without using a cash advance?

I need $3000 cash quick, and I have a $3000 credit limit but a $600 cash advance limit. I also dont wanna pay the cash advance fees?|||You can't. Even if you make a purchase and get cash back at the time of the purchase, it's considered a cash advance. Some cards waive the cash advance fee if you get it at the time of a purchase, but you still accrue intereste charges from that point. You would also not be able to get $3000 cash on a credit card with a $3000 credit limit. There is no way around that.|||You can't.|||Paypal. Get a friend with paypal and send them the amount of money you want which will be charged to your credit card then they can just withdraw it from their bank acct and give it to you.|||go to local casino if you have one buy gift certificates then cash them in|||your S.O.L.|||One of my cards sends me purchase checks. They look like real checks and you can make them out to yourself to deposit or cash and you pay only the purchase APR -- no cash advance fees or APR.

See if your credit card does this.

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