Thursday, December 8, 2011

How much cash should I bring on my trip Moscow?

I am planning a trip to Moscow, Russia at then end of next year. My friends and I are going to Russia after college graduation next spring. We have already begun making payments on it, and I was curious on how much cash I should bring with. We are staying for two weeks, so I though about $1,000.

Anyone who has been to Moscow please let me know how much I should bring for my trip. Thanks.|||1,000 sounds enough for a two week vacation. Currently, $1 is about 33 Russian rubles. Try not exchanging much at the airport because they have a bad rate. Never exchange on the street - only at authorized banks. The prices for things like a restaurant meal is pretty much the same in the US as in Moscow, and some things like bread and milk could be a little cheaper there. A ticket to Tretyakovskaya Gallery (a must visit, by the way! - both locations) is something like 5 bucks, and to visit the inside of Kremlin (inside behind the wall are all the Kremlin museums, palaces, etc. is somewhat like $20). I'd also suggest you research well on how you'll get from the airport to your place of stay. All the men inside the terminal with cars who will propose you to drive will most likely overcharge you at something like $50 which is ridiculous. If you can orient yourself more or less, you can can take public transportation right from the airport, which will cost much, much less.|||That might be pushing it. Moscow is the most expensive city in the whole world right now. It depends on what you are spending it- if the one thousand includes hotel fare, then you'll need more unless you are staying in some kind of hostel. And on exchanging money, the absolute best place to exchange is in a large bank or in a hotel lobby. Never exchange money with a person on the street, ever! Also small vendors on the street sometimes accept american money as payment, and it is extremely illegal to do that. I don't know if you can get in as much trouble as they can for it, but don't pay american dollars. You'll need more money depending on how you plan to live. $1,000 will be enough to get by fairly comfortably, but only if it doesn't include the hotel. Good luck.|||Man,i'm not sure if 1000 will be enough, depends on how you spend it. basically it 500$ a week, or about 72 $ a day, know think about transportation, to cut costs you might wanna use Moscow subway,which is 100 times cleaner and safer than the one in New York. buy like a weekly pass or something. then food and hotel and souvenirs to bring back and lots of other stuff. Moscow is very expensive city, especially if you wanna taste some nightlife, hook up with a girl( and girls like money), i mean if you really think about enjoying your visit you should dig up some more green presidents

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