Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do I withdraw cash out of a personal checking account?

I'm a college student and I checked into a youth hostel today, but unfortunately they didn't accept my personal checks, and I had to use cash. So right now, I'm very short on money, although I do have a good bit of savings in my checking account.

If I go to my bank and bring my checkbook and State ID, would that be all I need to withdraw money from my checking account?

What would I have to do to get cash?|||As long as you have your state ID, I'm sure they will be able to verify it is your account.

Just fill out a withdrawal slip before you go up to the counter, they should have them at the bank if you don't have any with your checkbook. All you'll need to fill it out is your personal info and bank account number from your checkbook. Then show them your ID when they ask.

Piece of cake.|||you cant just go to any bank. You have to go to the bank that you have your money in. Because banks dont borrow from other banks anymore. If your bank is not near by, you can either set up a new account at a new bank and write a check to that bank and transfer your money in there, or you can go to a grocery store like Albertsons and write a check to them for cash. I think they do up to $50

I hope this helps|||Do you mean to go to different bank? If you have ATM/Debit card from the other account then you can withdraw money. ALso you can deposit the check written to your friend, who has local bank account then ask him/her to withdraw money for you.|||Go to a bank. Write a check out to "cash". The bank will probably have you endorse the back (some do, some don't). They will give you cash.|||You bring your checkbook to the bank and ask the teller and she will tell you to write a check out to yourself.

If you are in a foreign country, go to your country's embassy and ask them what to do. But i bet any bank will tell you without having to go to all that trouble.|||You need to go to a bank and maybe set up an account|||yeah, your ok.

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