Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is your opinion on cash for good grades?

I need to go and take a final exam for school tomorrow and the essay will be about this. Im just looking for some other views or opinions:

Cash for good you think a cash incentive is a good idea or a bad one? State your reasons.|||Students should be motivated by interest and the desire to learn.|||It's kind of tricky. I think a grade is a review of your performance. It should be honest feedback about how you're doing with regards to a special skill or your comprehension, understanding, ability to convey that understanding or ability to articulate that understanding. To pay cash for good grades implies the person either doesn't care or is not motivated to perform at their honest best in the tested task or to prepare for that test without the motivation of money or a reward. It almost makes a competition out of the education process. I stand by the point of view that students should not be paid cash for grades. But, on the other hand, I do believe in celebrating good performance with a night out, a dinner with friends or a special treat, but something that is shared not just cash. That's my opinion.|||Hmmm . . . I like cash just as much as anyone else, but I think cash for good grades tends to skew the value system. Sometimes, we do things solely because it is the right thing to do or because it's good for us, not because we'll be rewarded cash. For instance, if you help a little old lady carry her groceries to the car, do you really want to be paid for helping her out? In this case, you should get good grades because you want to increase your knowledge, improve your study habits, and get into college. Yes, it's good to learn the value of money, but it's equally important (or even more so) to learn to value the the work or deed itself.|||Good idea.

Money is an incentive for a lot of students. It motivates people when other things don't.

It introduces students to the real world.

It also helps students appreciate the value of money since the harder one works, the more they'd get paid.|||i think it is fine, i teach my kids that school is their job just like i have a job and if they do their job they get paid. the better they do the better their pay I think it teaches a good life lesson.|||good idea good for motivation

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