Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do you complete a cash offer on gaia online?

I have almost completed a gaia cash offer, but i do not know how to recieve the cash and tell the admins i have finished the process. How do i receive the cash and inform the admins i have done so?|||It's best that you don't actually complete these offers, especially the ones that require you to enter your phone number or Address. These are scams, and some of these web page offers even have Viruses, so It's best you just buy Gaia cash in the stores./|||Once you log into Gaia you will see the tabs:


My Gaia




Scroll over shops but don't click, On the left side of the box it says "Get Gaia Cash"

You can Purchase Gaia Cash with real money, checks, paypal, more..

You can Earn Gaia Cash by completing offers.

Or.. You can use a Gaia Cash Card which you can buy from a local store. 7-eleven or Target is good.

Hope this works!

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