Sunday, December 4, 2011

How do the Cash for your home offers work?

I'm interested in selling my house quickly that's located near Erie, PA. I've heard of the we buy your house for cash offers, but the one's I've checked into haven't actually offered cash. How do these places work %26amp; does anybody have any companies they could refer?|||They offer a price that's roughly half the value of your property, secure in the knowledge that they can sell it for more. Most of them are legitimate businesses, but they are very rarely a good idea. Unless you're at the absolute end of the trail, you can net more money selling it the normal way.|||I agree with hellosmarty92 most of them are scams.

You could do home equity loan. Perhaps revolving line of credit. I hope it all works out. I feel your pain.|||Some of them are scam.|||I buy homes for cash. First off, the offer we give is below market value so that we can resell the property at a higher value.

Another thing they will do is see if you're willing to let them to assume your loan(s) and pay a portion of your equity. For example, if your house is worth 100k and you owe 60k, they will offer to continue paying your 60k loan and give you 10k cash for the property.

The key for you is to determine your true property's value (including land) and only work with individuals who can pay you cash for what you're willing to let it go for.

Good luck and I wish you well.


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