Sunday, December 4, 2011

How can I cash my Income Tax Refund Check?

I have a refund check issued to me and my spouse, however my spouse is currently incarcerated and my bank won't cash it without both signatures, not even the local check cashing store! What am I to do with this check that I can't cash?|||You did not mentioned if your husband will ever get out orthat i you and yuour have a joint checking account. Is there any way you could get your husband to sign and deposit it into the joint bank account?

Do not forge the signatures- is ct might bite you later

The IRS still frowns on people filing joint and turn around and file separately; off course the tax ate on arried but separate is higher.

You an go into yor nearest IRS offce and ask the Wage ad Investment to have the ceck in your name, You have to show that your husband ha been incarceraeted there is no way you canget the signature- (tell thes folks as to the reason and bring the original refund check. There is a form called an ROWR (an internal form and I forgot the number of the form). This form is used if a spouse died before the refund was issued and the survivin spouse needs to have the check in the surviving spous'e name.

The wage and investment rep, if he/she doesn't knowit can write an inquiry fom to have someone in the IRS research the issue. Think about it , the money is yours|||Thats why I have mine direct depostied into my account, and I am single and don't have an incarcerated spouse. Way to aim high there ace.

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